Who developed the Habitat Plan? When was it approved?
The Habitat Plan was prepared by six local agencies:
  • City of Gilroy
  • City of Morgan Hill
  • City of San José
  • County of Santa Clara (County)
  • Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD)
  • Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

In developing the Habitat Plan, these co-Permittees worked with the two agencies responsible for applicable state and federal laws pertaining to endangered species: the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). USFWS and CDFW are collectively referred to as the Wildlife Agencies.

The Habitat Plan grew from a collaborative effort in the early 2000s among four of these partners—the County, City of San José, SCVWD, and the VTA—who were developing a joint HCP/NCCP for several local transportation projects. In 2005, these partners were joined by the Cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill, who recognized the long-term benefits of the Habitat Plan for their communities.

The final Habitat Plan was approved and adopted by the co-Permittees in 2013.

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