Conservation Strategy

The conservation strategy is a series of conservation actions that collectively achieve the biological goals and objectives of the Habitat Plan. The conservation strategy provides mitigation for impacts on covered species on the basis of species and habitat needs. The conservation strategy also achieves the following objectives, pursuant to the NCCP Act (Section 2820).

  • Conserves, restores, and provides for the management of representative natural and semi-natural
  • Establishes reserves that provide conservation of covered species within the study area (i.e., contributes to species recovery) and linkages to adjacent habitat outside the study area.
  • Protects and maintains habitat areas that are large enough to support sustainable populations of covered species.
  • Incorporates in the reserves a range of environmental gradients and high habitat diversity to provide for shifting species distributions in response to changing circumstances.
  • Sustains the effective movement and interchange of organisms between habitat areas in a manner that maintains the ecological integrity of the Reserve System.