Regional General Permit


Public Review for Regional General Permit (RGP) for Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco District (SF District) posts public notices on its website to announce proposed agency actions, decisions made or under consideration, public hearings, or other activities. The SF District posted the public notice for the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan (Habitat Plan) Regional General Permit (RGP) on Monday, May 5, 2014. The 30-day public notice is eight pages and has two tables and one figure. The public comment period closed on 6/5/2014. A public hearing/meeting is not currently planned. 

The SF District posted the notice on its website, e-mailed all those on their public notice distribution list for the permit area and will post the notice in local post offices in the Habitat Plan permit area. The Habitat Agency will forward the e-mail to those currently on its public distribution list, and will request that the Co-Permittees post the notice, or a link to the notice, on their respective websites.

The SF District will forward all comments received to the Habitat Agency and Co-Permittees. The Habitat Agency will prepare a form letter acknowledging receipt of comments on the public notice, and will draft responses to comments at the request of the SF District. Depending on the number of agency or public comments, the SF District will prepare to issue the RGP. Assuming the number of comments is small and not substantive, permit issuance could occur within 90 days of the public notice.

Public Notice
Project Plans and Tables
RGP Process Summary Memo