GIS Data & Key Maps

There are multiple figures and maps that support the Final Habitat Plan text. These figures can be found within the Habitat Plan chapters or separately here.


The Habitat Agency Geobrowser is an essential tool for completing the Habitat Plan Application Package. It is an internet-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tool that shows the Habitat Plan GIS maps or layers. This tool is important because completing the Habitat Plan Application Package and determining the fees and conditions applicable to a project requires reviewing the Habitat Plan GIS layers that overlap a project site. A specific property can be located within the Geobrowser by using the Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) search tool. Once a parcel is found, the GIS layers can be turned on and off to view how they interface with a property, or a report can be generated. The Geobrowser provides information required to complete the screening form and application, such as land cover, wildlife survey areas, and plant survey areas.


GIS data and maps associated with implementation of the conservation strategy will be located here once available.