In September 2013 the Habitat Agency’s Implementation Board adopted a resolution forming a Public Advisory Committee (PAC), and establishing its duties and composition. The PAC has 9 members: 2 from the business and development community; 2 from the environmental community; 2 from the farming and ranching community, and 3 from the general public. Appointments will be made of individuals, not groups. However, organizations reflecting the interests to be represented on the PAC are encouraged to identify qualified candidates for appointment. The PAC is expected to meet approximately 4 times a year. Meetings will usually be in Morgan Hill.


The Technical Advisory Committee includes reserve management staff of the Habitat Agency, staff representing the Co-Permittees, and potentially third party contractors or other partners. Representatives of the Wildlife Agencies will serve as members of the Technical Advisory Committee. Senior managers of other local land management agencies could be invited to participate to share best practices and resources. The Technical Advisory Committee serves as a coordinating body to provide advice on land management, monitoring, and other Habitat Plan activities in the Reserve System. Biologists at Local Partner agencies could also serve as members of the Technical Advisory Committee, if appropriate. The frequency of meetings of the Technical Advisory Committee will be determined by the Habitat Agency based on need and the activities of the Habitat Plan. The Technical Advisory Committee may form subcommittees to address specific issues. The Technical Advisory Committee may sunset at the end of the permit term. The Technical Advisory Committee is not a public meeting body and is not a Brown Act committee.