The Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency leads the implementation of the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan (Habitat Plan). The Habitat Plan is a 50-year regional plan to protect endangered species and natural resources while allowing for future development in Santa Clara County. In 2013 the Habitat Plan was adopted by all local participating agencies and permits were issued from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish and Wildlife. It is both a habitat conservation plan and natural community conservation plan, or HCP/NCCP. This planning document:

Helps private and public entities plan and conduct projects and activities in ways that lessen impacts on natural resources, including specific threatened and endangered species.

Identifies regional lands—called reserves—to be preserved or restored to benefit those species.

Describes how reserves will be managed and monitored to ensure that they benefit those species. 

In providing a long-term, coordinated program for habitat restoration and conservation, the Habitat Plan aims to enhance the viability of threatened and endangered species throughout the Santa Clara Valley. The Habitat Agency implements the Habitat Plan and reports compliance to the Wildlife Agencies. 

  1. Public Advisory Committee Appointments

    The PAC has openings for two members: one from the business & development community, one from the farming & ranching community. Read on...
  2. Updated Fee Calculator Exhibit 2-3 Form FY1516

    Starting July 1, 2015 all projects must refer to the new fee schedule. Read on...
  3. Fiscal Year 2015-16 Proposed Operating Budget

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What's New

  1. PSE Project: OSA South Meadow Restoration Project
    The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority is proposing ecological restoration of the South Meadow area of its Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve near Morgan Hill, California.
    See full application: here.
  2. PSE Project: OSA Doan Gully Repair Project
    The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority is proposing a restoration project for Doan Gully located upstream of San Ysidro Creek within the Diablo Foothills Open Space Preserve.
    See full application: here.